Client’s Testimonial

It’s easy to claim something, but the people who have had firsthand experience, speaks the truth.
Here’s what our beloved clients have to say about us.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Lucas Wu

Engaging Lucas as our ID was possibly the best decision for my wife and I as we looked to build our forever home.
Right off the bat, we were impressed with Lucas’ professionalism and expertise as he seamlessly guided us through the initial consultations. Lucas was very patient and meticulous as he noted our lifestyle preferences, design considerations and budget limitations.
During the renovation, we didn’t have to worry much about the progress because we could trust Lucas to be on top of things. Even when lockdown restrictions required us to change carpentry contractors (we had quite abit of built-in carpentry; some of it was very customised), Lucas was prompt in securing new contractors for us.
Post-renovation, Lucas was also very thorough in helping us rectify all the small defects so that our house was as perfect as it could be.
On a wider level, absolutely love Lucas’ modern farmhouse design and his attention to detail when planning out everything from carpentry, electrical, window replacement and even the painting. 5/5 experience, would absolutely recommend again.

Home Owner : Gerald Goh 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Vina Christine

I highly recommend 5th Avenue & esp their ID, Vina. Right from the start, she was the first to get back to us with a professional presentation. Vina is very responsive, quickly understands what we want (and we have an extremely particular taste) and delivers exceptional results. She is just particular enough to contribute meaningfully to our vision without overwhelming it. We must have changed our paint colours like 5 times, many times after it has been painted, and without the slightest hint of annoyance, Vina does not hesitate to change it. Renovation will always come with its set of errors and problems, but she is quick to resolve them, and won’t rest until the problems are resolved to our satisfaction. All in all, I’m very happy with the results!

Home Owner : Luna 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Pamela Soh

Back then when we were looking for an ID company for our new place, we enquired closed to 8 firms. However, none of the assigned IDs met our expectations in terms of design, cost and professionalism. Meeting Pamela from Fifth Ave was fate we would say? Her social feed appeared on one of our Instagram ads one day and we were immediately attracted to her portfolio. We decided to meet up with Pamela and after the first meet up we were very sure she was the one.
Pamela has a very good eye in design, very detailed and also willing to provide advice/alternatives to work around with budget. On the 2nd meetup, she impressed us with a mood board that was exactly what we envisioned and with her hand drawn sketches of selected areas of the house to help us visualise better. Throughout the renovation process (pre, during and post) Pamela has always been very responsive to our questions and addresses our feedbacks swiftly too. We understand that managing the entire project is not an easy feat, especially during covid times dealing with delays in shipment, material shortage etc and at the same time ensuring that the project can be delivered with quality and within targeted timeline.
No renovation is a 100% smooth process, but Pamela has displayed very good project management, also able to propose good solutions when we faced hiccups and rectification was followed up efficiently. We had a fuss free renovation process all thanks to her! We also encountered an unfortunate event after handover, where we had a concealed pipe leak at the service yard area with no renovations done. The pipe was damaged since day 01, way before we collected our keys and started our renovation (Not Pam’s fault at all). Our kitchen carpentry had to be taken down for investigation and rectification of the pipe leakage by the building service centre (BSC) personnel. Pamela was very supportive during this period, arranging her carpenters and plumbers to come over to help us as and when required throughout the process. It was also very nice of her to drop us texts to check in on the progress and if we managed to settle our cost reimbursement with BSC. We are immensely grateful to Pamela for going the extra mile as she didn’t really had to! Thank you Pamela for walking this journey with us and giving us such a beautiful first home to live in! Please continue to create more beautiful homes!

Home Owner : Yiting goh

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Dominic Soh

It has been a pleasure and smooth journey working with Fifth Avenue Interior and our dedicated Interior Designer, Dominic Soh. Dominic is very helpful and accommodating with our request. He is very supportive of our proposed ideas and gave brilliant suggestions to better design our house. He is prompt and professional in updating us about the progress of our renovation.
Dominic is very assuring and he goes beyond the extra mile to meet the needs of his clients. His ideas are very fresh and we would like to acknowledge his skills, knowledge and designs. He is also accommodating and will do his best to meet our budget for the renovation. I fully trusted Dominic to run the project, without having to worry about any hiccups as he takes the initiative to update us on the house progress. I also trust his judgement and choices if we face any issues with the renovation decisions. Overall, I’m very satisfied with Dominic’s work and definitely recommends new home owners to look for him for fresh and unique ideas.

Home Owner : Al-ansari Basri

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Kenny Ang

Our first renovation, which is a very smooth and pleasant experience. It is made possible because of our designer, Kenny
His initiative and ability to coordinate with his contractors has made the renovation process looks easy and worry free

Most importantly, if you have any queries or concerns, his replies are prompt and gave us alot of good suggestions to aid us in our decision making

Home Owner : Kong Weng Kit

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Audrey Tan

As first time house owners, we needed to find an ID that we could really trust and communicate with. From all the bad ID stories we heard from friends, we felt that we need to see as many ID as we can so that we didn’t make any mistake in finalising an ID. We went to over 10 different IDs, hearing everyone’s proposal and seeing their mood board and we decided to go ahead with Audrey from Fifth Avenue. Her initial proposal was very refreshing and different from the other IDs. Not only was her moodboard design very eye-catching, but she even reshaped our house layout to make it look bigger. It was not the usual hack this room to make the house bigger or the standard make this room a walk in wardrobe kind of suggestion. She thoughtfully checked in on each room’s purpose and change the size and position of it so that we do not lose any wasted space. We have also heard stories of customers not happy with their IDs and could even result in ‘scolding’ them, but we never had that sort of issue with Audrey. Communication with her was seamless, she never took very long to reply to all our questions and requests. All projects are never smooth sailing, all hiccups were manage professionally. We even had a tight timeline to move in due to fengshui reason and Audrey did her best to keep the timeline during this covid period. Keep it up Audrey! We would recommend her to anyone who wishes to have their house renovated and would even look for her again if we ever do have a new house that we wish to renovate

Home Owner : Stefanie Fong 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Ron Tan

It’s was a pleasure to have Ron as our ID for our 2 bedder resale condo. This is our 2nd time going through home renovation and I see a stark difference in terms of both IDs’ attitude, dedication and knowledge.
Considering how picky my wife is when it comes to workmanship, some minor details which she would nitpick at times, I am really glad to say that there were no major hiccups given that that this is a bigger project since we did an entire reno for the place.
Ron managed to grasp the colour scheme and style that both my wife and I like and was able to introduce and provide ideas on what would work and not work rather than following blindly what the home owners want which I think is a very important trait of an ID. We received a lot of compliments from our family and friends. Got to thank Ron for the great job done!
He also been to the site very often and made sure everything was well communicated to the suppliers and contractors and throughout the reno process, my wife and I went down not more than twice.
Would definitely recommend Ron and will not hesitate to engage him again if there’s an opportunity.

Home Owner : Amos Wzq

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Danny Seah

Out of all the 8 ID firms we had visited and spoken to, we have decided to choose Danny Seah from Fifth Interior for our first home renovation experience. It was the best decision ever and no regrets. When we met Danny for the first time, we felt that he is someone whom we could communicate well with in terms of renovation ideas, suggestions and also our home requirements. He was a designer who was willing to take in our ideas, and at the same time, provide very insightful suggestions and improvise on what can be done better. From the start till the end of the project, Danny has been constantly updating us on the work progress and also what would be done next (without the need to chase him). When there are issues which require rectification, he will look into the matter and take action promptly without delays which impressed us. He is also very responsive whenever we had questions for him on the renovation. He also made the effort to take some time to accompany us for tiles, bathroom and kitchen accessories shopping despite his super busy schedule. Danny has also ensured that all parts of the works has been properly done and completed before handing over the house to us. The tiling, carpentry, electrical, plumbing works etc are of high quality. We are very satisfied with the overall outcome and it’s a dream house come true!
Overall, Danny is a very trustworthy, responsible, reliable and responsive ID. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family members.

Home Owner : Der

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Valerie Hoon

Working with Valerie on our first home has really set the bar high 🙂 Apart from her great design input-which ended up with a home that we are SO in love with – what sets her apart is also her strength in communication and responsible project management. We recognize that managing an entire project is no easy feat, having to orchestrate workflow schedules and fire-fight unexpected crop ups- and yet, she always maintains a sense of professionalism as client-facing which we thoroughly appreciated. Valerie has handled our project with positivity, enthusiasm and steadiness – responding to our questions readily and quick to address any feedback we had at any point during the pre/during/post reno journey which made the entire process a really enjoyable and stress-free one. We would highly recommend Valerie if you’re looking for a creative designer, quick thinker, and most importantly- a problem solver!

Home Owner : Yumei

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Joleen

I’ve engaged Joleen from Fifth Avenue Interior to be my ID.
Joleen was responsive and helpful throughout the whole renovation process and even after handover, she is still very patient and help to rectify all the small details. To add on, the quotation was also well covered and transparent without any hidden costs.
Services: Flooring selection, Living room design, Room planning, Interior decorating, Space planning, Home decor selectionOverall it was a pleasant experience working with Joleen, and I’m happy and satisfied with my newly renovated place! 🙂 Definitely recommend Joleen for future owners who’re looking for a great ID to work with! 👍🏻

Home Owner : Liyi T

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Emmeline

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness
We are fortunate to have Emmeline from Fifth Avenue Interior P/L as our ID. From concept planning to completion, she had been professional in advising us the pros and cons to reach our desired outcome. We like her straightforward opinion or alternative choice whenever we are in a dilemma in selection, so we can move on to the next item. She is also proactive and responsive to deal with our constant texting and amendments.
Thank you Emmeline, we will definitely look for you again for our next house in future…
Services: Flooring selection, Interior architectural design, Closet design, Interior decorating, Home decor selection

Home Owner : Su Chuan Lim

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Lucas

Choosing Fifth Avenue Interior and engaging Lucas as our ID were one of the best decisions we’ve made as new homeowners.
In this day where inspirations for home design can be found everywhere, one may think that engaging an ID for home renovation is not necessary. But we wanted our renovation journey to be fuss-free, to have an ID who would be able to liaise with the contractors, advise us on the nitty gritty details and Lucas was the perfect guy for that.
Our renovation was done during Covid so there were unfortunately some inevitable delays. Lucas gave us constant updates on the work timeline along the way and that definitely helped manage our expectations.
During and after renovation, Lucas was available to rectify any areas that needed touch ups. He was just a phone call and text away. Any queries we had were always answered promptly, latest within a few hours.
After sales sevice is also tip top. In fact up till today, whenever we have issues or need additional work done to the house, Lucas is ever ready to help. If you’re looking for a reliable ID, we’d definitely recommend him, 100%. His service exceeded everything we could have asked for.
For our next renovation we wouldn’t be shopping for quotes. It’s either we engage Lucas or we don’t do the reno. Simple as that!
Homeowner : Asyikin
Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Vina Christine

The main reasons that both of us engaged an ID was because we were first-time homeowners. Our awesome ID is Vina! The main reasons we were convinced to engage Vina as our ID is because she is very clear in explaining the various options available to us taking into considerations of our preferences & budget limitations. Vina always propose many ideas, sketch it out for us to be able to visualise it better and taking our feedback into consideration as well.
During the renovation, we didn’t have to worry much about the progress because Vina is so efficient. She would always keep us in the loop through texts and videos. Very prompt to prevent unnecessary delays so we can manage our expectations. Also, she is so patient with us as we were having a hard time to confirm on the tiles during tiles selection. Hehe!
Post renovation, Vina was also very thorough in helping us rectify all the small defects so that our house was as perfect as it could be. She would still reply to our queries promptly with regards to queries or additional work needs to be done for the house.
Overall, we are very pleased with Fifth Avenue! Gonna be honest, they are a little pricier as compared to other ID companies, BUT it is worth every penny! The renovation process generally went smoothly and we managed to move into our place in time for the new year, earlier this year. It was just like what we planned from the start.
Kudos to Fifth Avenue and team and of coz’ our awesome ID Vina!

Homeowner : Farah 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Pamela

It was an excellent experience with Pamela and Louis from Fifth Avenue Interior. From space planning and design to selection of materials and even furniture selection, they were patient and accommodating all the way. Pamela was extremely knowledgeable and has a keen eye for details and design. The after-sales service was the best we have ever encountered. 10/10 would recommend!!!

Home Owner : Elise

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Dominic

We worked with Dominic from Fifth Avenue Interior and really appreciated his patience. As we decided to change our plans to get a resale instead of a BTO flat, Dominic was nice and understanding enough to accommodate to our plans and did the necessary to assure us accordingly. We also had questions about many minor details during the renovation process, but he was patient enough to answer them all in a timely manner. We personally don’t think its possible for the process to be perfect as there are just too many details and steps involved in renovations, but we liked it that Dominic provided his opinions where necessary and was also very helpful when we sought his advice. The workmanship for the renovation was ideal too. Overall, we would recommend Fifth Avenue Interior as an ID firm.

Home Owner : Jolynn

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Kenny

We highly recommend Kenny if you’re looking for an ID who is experienced, quick to react, and overall, just a very genuine guy.
He is someone you can trust to help you manage your expectations, pitching practical ideas with a good mix of design and aesthetic choices.
Every renovation journey is a bumpy road, but we can always look to Kenny to help us smooth out the edges as much as possible.
Keeping it real, our renovation isn’t perfect, and there are definitely still room for improvements.
However, we are still very pleased with the results and our new home.
It was a great partnership, and we really learnt a lot in the past few months.
Thanks Kenny!

Homeowner : Darren 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Audrey

We had a fantastic experience working with Audrey from Fifth Avenue to renovate our new 4-room BTO. She was professional throughout the whole process, and did a brilliant job bringing our vision into reality.
Audrey held our hands in every step of the process as first-time home owners and always willing to give advice on the selection of materials, fittings and furniture that fits our concept.
She was very engaged throughout the whole renovation process and was always on site to pour over details and coordinate with the contractors to ensure that everything was done accurately.
Audrey was always pleasant, responsive and prompt to help rectify our issues and worries, and we managed to stick to a timeline that we agreed on despite having some manpower issues due to the pandemic.
After sales service with Fifth Avenue is also fantastic as they are always accommodating to our small requests.
Thank you Audrey and Fifth Avenue for making the whole process an enjoyable one, we deeply appreciate your efforts and vision!

Homeowner : Luq

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Ron

I have engaged Fifth Avenue Interior for my home renovation and I am excited to share my experience with Ron Tan as my interior designer!
I have met numerous interior designers and what made me decide to go with Ron is his passion for his works, him remembering what I have shared and his well organized calendar. Despite having many projects on hand, he remembered the small details and without prompt, he would give me reminders and updates. Even though the theme I wanted is not his forte, he understood what I was looking for and what I was trying to convey. Having a good rapport is important to me. He has demonstrated his capability and delivery ability through his past works. These gave me the confidence for this engagement. And I did not regret with my choice. I love how my home has turned out to be! Those that have visited my place have all complimented how beautiful the place is!
I have enjoyed this collaboration journey with Ron. His thoughtful advices have helped me in various decisions. He’s always willing to go the extra mile. I must say he is a very patient guy!
Throughout the renovation period, Ron gave me frequent progress updates automatically. I have trust in him and did not find myself having to visit the renovation site often.
If you are looking for an interior designer, I would strongly recommend Ron! I am very pleased with Fifth Avenue Interior in assigning their highly valuable team member to me.

Service: Refurbishment

Homeowner : Cindee

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Danny


When we first met Danny, we loved him straightaway. He was the only ID to get the concept that we wanted right off the bat, and was very reliable and meticulous even when we met him for the first time. There are definitely more budget options out there, but Danny was very willing to work around our budget and we managed to get it down to our budget. He was also very ready to fix things when we point them out and it was always done asap!

We had a very smooth reno journey because of him and Fifth Avenue in general! We’ve seen lots of reno nightmares and are very lucky to have chosen Danny. Even after handing over, they have a one year warranty so Danny still responds very quickly to whatever defects that we have found out (or even caused by accident…..).

Services:RefurbishmentKitchen designRoom planningWindow designLiving room designInterior decoratingCloset designInterior paintingBathroom designSpace planningBedroom designDining room designFlooring selectionCabinetry & hardware design

Homeowner : Charlene

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Valerie

We would like to express our gratitude for the incredible job Valerie did designing our home. Her attention to detail and creativity were simply amazing, and we are absolutely thrilled with the results.
Not only was she extremely talented, but she is also so kind and helpful throughout the entire process. Her friendly demeanor and willingness to go above and beyond made the entire experience a true pleasure. She is always very responsive and never needed us to chase her for anything. We needed help with some stuff after handover and she remains very prompt in sorting those out for us as well!
We were particularly impressed with the way she took our ideas and transformed them into a beautiful and functional design that exceeded our expectations. Her ability to bring together colors, textures, and materials is admirable, and we are constantly receiving compliments for her work.
Valerie, thank you so much for all of your hard work, dedication, and exceptional talent. You have truly transformed our living space into a beautiful nest and we could not be more grateful. 😍

Homeowner : Doreen 

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte Ltd

Interior Designer : Joleen

We made an enquiry from their IG page and met with Joleen from Fifth Avenue Interior for our new HDB BTO Flat. From the first meeting with her, me and my wife had a very positive feeling as she clearly understood what we were looking at for our first flat, and had the same ideas, aesthetics and design concept which resonated with us significantly. Joleen was extremely helpful and responsive throughout the whole renovation process and even till today after she had handed over the place to us, she is still easily reachable and very willing to assist us in rectifying all the small details. Throughout the entire process, she updated us regularly on the timeline and what is being done by their contractors, as well as the timeline to complete the respective jobs needed for the renovation. We felt very assured that the flat was well taken care of, and any minor defects that were highlighted were also quickly addressed and rectified by Joleen & her team. It was indeed a very pleasant experience working with Joleen, and we would definitely recommend her to future homeowners who is looking for an ID to make their dream home come to reality.

Homeowner : Jun An