Zhong Ming (Designer – Royston)

The universe works in mysterious ways and that can’t be any more true how we ended up choosing Fifth Avenue. Unlike many who usually engage the IDs recommended by their friends or family who are tested and proven, my wife (mainly her) and I did our own research and decided to check out Fifth Avenue. We were introduced to this tattoo ang moh beng Royston Ivan Ho that we were initially skeptical about, however he quickly proved himself and put our doubts to rest.

Not only was Royston Ivan Ho creative, he was also sort of a visionary that brought to the drawing board fresh ideas and suggestions that none of the previous IDs we consulted shared. He takes pride in the designs he did for his clients and will not just plagiarize what he used in other projects and lift and shift over to ours. Every design to him was indeed truly hand-actualized. He has this endless bout of eagerness that is raring to go and by the end of the first meeting with him, we are already sold that this is the ID that we will want to work with!

Throughout the entire journey, Royston Ivan Ho was professionally consultative and caring enough to be a true friend. There was no need to be haggling for prices as there is the element of trust that we know he wants the best for our home. The relationship developed into more of a partnership where we work towards a common goal.

Don’t be fooled by his tender age and boyish looks, Royston Ivan Ho displayed a sense of maturity and professionalism when is comes to the execution and delivery of the end product. Although there were some hiccups along the way (who doesn’t) and some minor delays, we had faith that all is in good stead and will only make the dream home truly worth it.

We are really glad that we had the privilege to be working with a young budding local talent and as first time home owners, couldn’t have ask for a better ID to be working with. Thank you Fifth Avenue and Royston Ivan Ho!