Sherlene Ong (Designer – Nicholas)

We got Fifth Ave’s contact from Qanvast and it turned out to be a huge blessing after meeting with almost 5 other IDs.

We were allocated to Nic Gn and have been very pleased with his service and especially his responsiveness. This is something very important to me as I get kancheong quite easily.

Having had minor issues after moving in, we immediately contacted Nic on several occasions and he did not fail to help us even though the “job was done”. We have heard horror stories of IDs being uncontactable once they got their money. We are thankful that he is/was always there when we didn’t know how to solve the problems and needed his advice as it is our first home.

Nic is someone who is quick to suggest practical solutions with for example, weird corners, or my mismatched choice of colours. I can also tell that he is technically strong and has good experience to know what will work out well. I think this really what makes him stand out. He was always available to give us his comments on opinions on our choice of furniture and measurements of different items. Every reno journey will have hiccups and Nic was fast to rectify them and notify us so that we would worry less.

Besides Nic’s great service, we are also impressed with the quality and workmanship of the wood works, carpentry and all are superb. Every other vendor that has been allocated to us has given us really good service too. Materials used are also of great quality and you can tell that they will last long. So glad it turned out well!

Most importantly, their quote is value for money too!

I have strongly recommended Nic to my other friends who are looking for IDs and hope that they will engage him one day too 🙂 definitely my best decision to have gone on my renovation journey with Fifth Ave! thank you Nic for helping us realise our beautiful dream home 😀 Travis Huang