Sabrina Lim (Designer – Derick)

Initially hesitated to get an ID for my new home as I have heard many unfavorable remarks in terms of pricing and bad after-sales service. As this is my 1st home and risk is definitely the last on my list to co-ordinate the reno works on my own, I turned to an ID. Since then, I have no regrets.

Derick is a honest guy who would tell you if the idea you have in mind is infeasible. Others would have just tell you everything is possible in order to get the extra penny. It is also his frankness and reliable personality that made me feel safe leaving my house in his good hands while I was away for holiday. After all work is done, he told me he is just a call away. And true to what he had said, he is really just a call away. He never fails to get back to me despite his busy schedule. It has been 1.5yr since I have moved in, and till now, he would still respond whenever I text him.

With a great personality, I’m sure he would excel in his new endeavour.