Royston Rui Kun (Designer – Ryan)

We have been on the lookout for an ID since we got notice of our key collection. Since then, we met a couple of IDs that were recommended by friends or through qanvast but nevertheless, Fifth Avenue interior was one that standout among the rest. Ryan greeted us on our arrival at the showroom and I felt the chemistry between us was strong. He was very straightforward with us and doesn’t beat around the bushes. He is very honest and we felt very comfortable sharing our ideas. We never felt any pressure or sales talk from him at all when we are going through comparison of the quotation with other firm. He is always giving very constructive and creative feedback on how to achieve practicality and design at the same time. He could clearly understand our requirement and has a good foresight on how our dream home will look like. What we love the most is whenever our budget is exploding, he will always work his magic to make it happen.

Along the renovation journey, when have new ideas and additional request, he is always very patient with us. He always goes to the extra mile to help us get the ideal design that we wanted. Irregardless how many trips he or his contractor has to make, he will ensure all the defects are rectified. What matter the most was the final design our house turn out exactly how we plan out to be. For this kind of service and commitment, I believe it worth every penny that we have paid for. For that, I would like to thanks Ryan and Fifth Avenue in creating our lovely crib.