RL Halili Castillo (Designer – Jack)


There were three things that stood out for us when we got Jack as our designer: his passion, his accessibility, and his clarity in his vision.

PASSION. Jack is a perfectionist. He never settles until he gets the design and implementation correct. This has been his most consistent trait during the entire project. He was there to personally supervise the project – from the deconstruction up to the finishing stages. He was also willing to get his hands dirty in order to meet his deadline and his plan happen. Jack stayed with us until we moved in and finished unpacking, to ensure that everything is in order, and if there are touch-ups required after the move. I remember inviting Jack for our house warming, he came, and immediately went to the kitchen/toilet to check the plumbing and the assembly – just to make sure everything is perfect.

ACCESSIBILITY. Jack is available – whenever we needed him – be it during the project or even during the after-service. He is quick to reply to questions and suggestions. There was one evening that I asked him about the assembly of the tiles – I told him we can take a look at it tomorrow when the sun is up. To my surprise, Jack was at the site in 30 minutes to check on my question. This provided us with comfort that we have someone who we can trust to deliver our first home.

CLARITY. Jack makes it easier for us to understand his plan. From simple sketches, to describing it – he has his way of making sure that his clients understand his vision. Even before the 3-D render was provided, we already had a clear vision on how our house will look like.

These were some of the few traits on why we engaged Jack. We are happy with our choice in designer and will definitely refer to him our friends should they need a designer.

Thanks Jack and well done!

Jericho and RL