Pearlyn Lim Rainéez (Designer – Su Fen)

I have my 4-Room renovated by one of the representative from Fifth Avenue Interior Design, and she is Sufen. Sufen is quick and is meticulous with details, and would advice what are necessary and what’s not base on her experience and good knowledge, and on top of that, she would also advocate us on the pros and cons for having this and/or that. For that, I really think it is a good point that she places her opinions for clients, so that clients would be able to evaluate its pros and cons on their own. She even carefully go through our contract with us on what will be done, and how would be done in brief details but understandable. Her coordination on work schedule are on time and get things done on moderation speed. Though dragged awhile, but was due to holiday periods. Overall, Sufen really does her job well and would recommend her! Kudos! 👍🏼