Noelle Momo Barton (Designer – Royston & Cher Lin)

Getting a house is a huge commitment. But building a home is even a bigger commitment. As a first time owner, we were everlost – which ID firm, which ID, which theme etc etc and the list goes on.. we met more than my fingers can count, we were close to giving up finding ‘The One’ to help us conceptualize our dream home – we wanted more than 1 theme in the house – we are a little crazy like this.

Until we chanced upon Fifth Avenue’s Royston’s Industrial Concept for the Joo Chiat Road, it was love at first sight. We thought to give it one last try. All we can say is – We are so glad we did!

We clicked almost immediately, and our ideal themes within a house was as though both Royston and Cher could read our minds and understood we were building a personality home instead of building a typical house. And to them, having more than a theme home was more of a looking forward project than a challenge or a chore like how other ID portrays to us.

It was such a delight conceptualizing the home with Royston and Cher. We would say, we arent the easiest house to conceptualise. They made things effortless, and even give us better ideas / finding things out of norm research. We were really impressed and we were so sold by some of their ideas despite being their first time trying it out in our house. That’s a whole new level of trust.

We love how easy it was to connect with both of them. And they were very prompt in resolving any issues, and they made entrusting them on our house so carefree. We love the craftman work of Chua and Jacky as well, really friendly, professional in products, very knowledgeable and helpful too.

Both R&C are very creative and passionate in interior designing yet they are also very open and respectful when it comes to our selections / suggestions as well. We really love exchanging ideas with them. It was an amazing and fun renovation journey.

The best part about working with Royston and Cher on building our dream home is that it didnt just stop right after the handover of keys. They assisted us in our furnitures / house decoration selections as well. They really went all out for us as home owners as though it was their own. We really like that additional part where not all ID does that.

This duo is really the one to go if you are building a dream home instead of a house. They care for yours like their own and they are so fun to work with. We were so glad to have engaged them, and everyone has been talking about how beautifully our place is – the crazy idea that came true and everything fits so magically despite having 4 different themes in 1 house.

With all these said, we would like to have a BIG shoutout to Royston and Cher, thank you for your amazing help to conceptualize and actualizing our dream home. We couldnt have this without you. Appreciate all your efforts and time in building our house.

Highly recommend them to have their magic touch to your dream house.

Check out @Obliviondezign on Instagram for both of their amazing work!