Masyita Rais (Designer – Austin)

We’ve been enjoying our newly renovated home for several months and this feedback is way overdue. I’d like to thank Austin Lai and the hardworking crew for revamping our home of 17 years. We roughly knew what we wanted prior to the renovation and after consulting a few IDs from different companies, we had to go with Fifth Avenue and Austin. I was at first interested and excited to consider Fifth Avenue when I saw their projects online. We then went in for our first consultation and instantly had a good feeling with some of the suggestions and design ideas by Austin. We were still consulting other ID companies but we were sold when Austin drew up the draft plan and presented the quote to us. Someone wrote in the feedback, “it was love at first quote” and I can attest to this. As compared to the other IDs we saw, Austin proposed a very reasonable quote and the design was according to our taste and even more. We loved all the ideas he came up with, to add on to the look we already had in mind.

There were some hiccups, as expected in any renovation works, but the upside to this was it was always easy to communicate them to Austin. He’d do his best to rectify the glitches and the crew (electricians, plumbers, carpenters, tiler, etc) were excellent workers and perfect gentlemen. They were so patient to my demands and scrutiny. 😆 Each time I let Austin know of the slightest glitch in the works, they would come to redo them even if it takes several attempts, hours and days. 🤭 I am also indebted to Austin for providing great service post renovation. He came through with most of the works that needed fixing.

We’ve received many compliments with the renovation from relatives, friends and neighbours and have recommended Fifth Avenue and Austin for their future renovation works. My family and I are very pleased with our “new” home and would consider to work with them again in a heartbeat. Thank you Fifth Avenue and Austin!