Linda Chan (Designer – Nicholas)

I have just completed the renovation of my three room resale flat with Fifth Avenue Interior. It was a pleasant experience and Nicholas Gn, my designer displays his professionalism through his knowledge in the renovation field as well as his aesthetic knowledge in design. I believe that is the reason for choosing an ID vs a contractor. The aesthetic is important to me too.

Nicholas would always give me the pros and cons of every choices before I made my decision. This is very helpful especially to someone who is a first time home owner and had never done renovation before. Nicholas believes in practicality in design. This helped me to avoid many unnecessary spendings. Most importantly, he listens to his client. I was not very happy with my flat previous owner’s design which made the three room flat look cramped and claustrophobic. Nicholas understands that and all his design concept for me helps to counter the problem I had with the flat. I could say that I really love my place now!

Some IDs I went to keep saying my house is small but to Nicholas, he offers solution in terms of the design choice made to solve my problems instead of stating the obvious. This shows his professionalism and experience in the field.

Also, he would update me on the progress of the renovation and swiftly helped to resolve any issues that cropped up. I really appreciate it and his honesty when asked for opinions on my furnishings.

Yes, I will recommend Nicholas from Fifth Avenue to anyone who wants to do renovation.

Thank you Nicholas Gn and Fifth Avenue Interior 😊