Khaw Kaimin (Designer – Jeremy)

Take a look at their portfolio (on Qanvast / Facebook); it pretty much speaks for itself. Prior to deciding on Fifth Avenue, I actually visited several other Interior Design firms. I must say, Fifth Avenue’s pricing is pretty competitive. You definitely get what you pay for. For the level of service and quality, really good value for money in my view.

We engaged Jeremy to help us renovate our 5-room HDB resale flat and were thoroughly impressed by him. True, Jeremy is young. However, he is very talented and has really learnt the ropes of the business very very quickly.

Jeremy has very good design sense and was able to give us extremely good suggestions to meet our needs. His starting point is always: “what would your day to day life be like?”. Your home should then be built around that. We had very specific needs given our circumstances and Jeremy was able to give very good suggestions. He is very resourceful and very innovative; someone who is able to think out of the box. Being first time home owners, we had a lot of questions and Jeremy was able to give us very good explanations (concise, clear and thorough!) on why things needed to be a certain way. (for eg. buying some types of furniture vs others, how to optimize space etc.). It also helps that Jeremy is effectively bilingual which makes him a good communicator.

Technical skills aside, what sets Jeremy apart is his character. Jeremy takes great pride in his work. It seems to me like he treats each project like a work of art, which i appreciate. Of course this also means that he has strong views. That said, he was never pushy and always respectful to our requests as a couple. He also has his client’s interests at heart and would always advise us on possible cheaper solutions to meet our needs; if such options were available. Finally, he is very trust worthy and reliable. Replies very, very promptly and defects are fixed very quickly. Also has a very good memory and can remember the layout of my house even though its been almost a year since he renovated my place! He was also super patient with helping us with the various kinks (frankly some of my questions were rather dumb at times!).

Would highly, highly recommend Jeremy and Fifth Avenue and would definitely engage them again for our next home! 🙂