Jasmond Lam (Designer – Su Fen)

We would like to specially thank Sufen for all her time and effort in renovating our new house.

After engaging Sufen as our ID, she has personally ensured our renovation works went smoothly despite our absence. Everything has met our expectation and we feel that she is someone whom we can depend on given our busy schedule.

Not to mention, Sufen has great aesthetics and colour sense, and she will always give us her best recommendations. Her expertise on various types of material & furniture have impressed us too, and she is able to list out their pros & cons to help us better understand what we really need.

She is indeed a patient person who never complain when clarifying all our doubts. She doesn’t mind going an extra mile to find suitable furniture for our new house, and provide us with good advices.

Overall, we are happy and satisfied with her work and post-renovation services. She is someone whom we would highly recommended.