Ina Hammer (Designer – Ron)

When my Singaporean husband and I bought an HDB in Holland Village needing renovating I knew I needed help. I came across Renopedia in my search and was contacted by around 10 interior designers. I met up with the first 5 and basically “interviewed” them. Because I had visions and ideas of what I wanted. I asked them to forget about bog standard, stream lined and boring. I wanted shabby chic, whimsical, cool and fun. The first few I met with just nodded, but I didn’t feel understood. Then I met Ron. I saw his eyes light up, I saw his excitement! I knew Ron was my guy. And he has not disappointed, he’s been absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. I’ve been overseas for almost the entire time of our project and he took charge, followed my briefs but also was superb at coming up with his own suggestions. In fact, I only needed to give him some vague directions and he ran with it and showed me samples that we chose from together. The result of this renovation is that I moved in today to a stunning HDB flat. Ron designed the bathroom and kitchen in ways I could not have imagined from how it was. I am left with a very spacious bathroom and kitchen, beyond what I thought was possible. My living room is equally as spacious. The whole flat is so friggin’ cool! The bedroom floors had original parquet flooring, Ron had them stained darker. With the white walls, it’s just beautiful. Ron came up with the idea of the vinyl living and kitchen floor, which is grungy, wood looking. Again, stunning. And super easy maintenance. When we were discussing kitchen cabinets, I was blown over by one of the ideas he had. It was like “Yes! That’s the one!” I’d never seen anything like it. Utterly cool. So if anyone wants an HDB with a difference – better call Ron!