Geoffery Loh (Designer – Ron)

We took keys to our new place a couple of months ago and we were looking for an ID to help us design a cosy home.

We started engaging Qanvast for recommended ID firms and we also contacted some of the better known ID firms as well.

After meeting up with a few reputable ID firms, the sentiment that we had is a mixture of bemusement and disappointment. Ideas were mostly boring and unoriginal, some of them unrealistic and misguided, due to either the lack of initiative in trying to understand my needs or purely just wanting to push me into signing the contract.
That is until we met Ron from 5th Avenue Interior. In contrast to other IDs, Ron is very patient and detailed. He painstaking measure every part of my house, discuss my wants and needs while lavishing us with providing different designing ideas. He spent hours in explaining to us the pros and cons of each design and work with us to fine Tune it even before we signed the contract. His dedication amazed us and it was an easy decision to proceed with Ron.

Throughout the renovation period, Ron provides us timely updates on the project, from minor details to major completions. He took pains to monitor the renovation works personally on areas that we are particular about.

As with every renovation works, there are slight hiccups along the way (small errors by the Contractors) and Ron shows high accountability and responsiveness, never once shying away from responsibility. As my work schedules are hectic, and my communication with him are always late in the evening, Ron never fails to acknowledge my request and feedbacks and issues were rectified in a jiffy. His responsiveness saved me from all the heartache most ppl went through with renovation works, and I am Glad to say that the output turns out to be more than what I expected.

Today I had moved into my dream home with my family and all of us are Glad that we had given the project to Ron. If I were to have another house, I will undoubtedly engage Ron again. There are lots of Interior designers in the industry but to find one who’s responsible, patient, and talented, it takes a little luck, and we found ours with Ron.