Farah Fadhirul (Designer – Nicholas)

We are extremely pleased and grateful beyond words to have Nicholas Gn from Fifth Avenue as our ID for our humble (and now very beautiful) home.

Nicholas is responsible, attentive, patient, polite and above all, capable and well versed in this field. Communication with Nicholas was a breeze because he understood our needs and wants almost immediately. Nicholas also attended to our queries and (sometimes weird) requests very professionally and provided us with detailed advises. We always feel at ease with Nicholas.

Despite our busy schedule, Nicholas is very flexible and accommodating. His responses were quick which further highlight his professionalism and attentiveness.

Although we were on a holiday for two weeks during the midst of the renovation, Nicholas was again extremely responsible and had all the scheduled work completed within the stipulated time frame. We did not even feel worried because we knew we could depend on Nicholas to get the work done, and get the work done he did. We are extremely impressed with his capabilities and enthusiasm.

Above all, the whole renovation process was fun and exciting! We will definitely look for Nicholas Gn in the future without a doubt. We highly recommend Nicholas to everyone! Great workmanship and professionalism at a reasonable price.

Nicholas, thank you once again for all that you have done for us. We will always be grateful. Last but not least, you have successfully Actualize Our Dreams, Into Reality.

Fadhirul and Farah (in the comfort of our dream home)