Erli Ramlan (Designer – Derick)

Well that has always been our or most of the time my run to shout out name when everything is related to home.
For a first-time home owner, personally.. it is having that vision of an interior to go home to and with that comes the financial factor.. trust and to calm the husband and wife when opinions of interior clash between wants and needs. Plus the fear after reading several renovation horror stories is truly not helping.
Derick is always there.
Attending to our calls..whatsapps..woes..defects..even to my fickle mindedness!
He is the one ID who did not ridicule my ideas when I have my quirky inputs for the interior.
Yes, midst of putting things together, tension grew and despite my being unreasonable, he never once forgo his professionalism.
Thank you Derick for keeping it all together and he will always say..
‘Sis, don’t worry..I settle for you. Leave it to me”
I assure you, he will.
Thank you to Eric too for always keeping it all together and helping us out with several installations and rectify on home matters as well. The TV..The Ikea items..
All in all. Thank you everyone.. to the contractors.. to each and everyone for making it happen.
Despite having to work through the weekends, missing family dinners or events.. rushing through dates, meeting deadlines.. or even neglecting family and friends just to ensure we have a beautiful home to come back to…
Thank you.