Cyou Mex (Designer – Kenny)

My wife and I went around asking for quotations for my 4 rooms flat when we got our floor plan. We then came across Kenny ang from fifth avenue interior after looking at his portfolio for his projects. He has also showed us his previous projects photos and we are very convinced he is able to do a good job.

We spoke to him about our dream house and the requirement we want to have in our house. Shortly after, we got back what Kenny ang has proposed. It was great as it is within our budget. Not only that, the respond time from him and the design proposed by him were fantastic.

We then decided to engage him after looking around due to his professionalism and passion in his job.

The time frame given by him was met and the whole renovation involves a very detailed and clear explanation. My wife and I made a few changes through the whole renovation and I’m very satisfied that our ID is able to fulfill our last minute changes.

During the renovation, there was a few times that we went up to the house to check the place. The workmanship was really near to perfection.

Kenny’s respond time was very fast even after office hours where he is off from work. The whole communication through the renovation was well communicated and hence, it resulted in no hi-cups.

Highly recommended Kenny Ang from Fifth Avenue Interior as your ID for your dream home due to his abilities and knowledge in this field. Definitely an ace for his work done!