Chin Fun Wei (Designer – Andre)

Andre Tan from Fifth Avenue is our ID. We have met nearly 10 (ten) IDs before we engaged his service. Why
he could stand out from the crowd? He may not be as senior/experienced as the other designers but what made him stand out was that his passion, creativity, thoughtfulness and practicality that won our hearts.
Andre is very thoughtful and caring. He is also a good listener. He tries to find out and understand each
of our family members’ needs, wants, preferences, special requirements before proposing to us his ideas.
This is in contrast with some IDs who suggested their ideas without even trying to find out more about our
family members.
He is observant and has great initiative, able to anticipate and visualize our requirements even before
we tell him. My girls love their room very much because there are areas where they can decorate freely
and do some girly stuff with friends. My son has a perfect area for gaming! As for me, I can cook
comfortably in my modern Victorian style kitchen, and enjoy afternoon tea with friends.
We did not know that interior design can be so fun until we saw Andre trying to manoeuvre around the
design, giving us different options, the process was so enjoyable. We can sense his great passion in
interior design.
In terms of practicality, we made sure that every single cent that we spent is worthwhile. Andre is very
understanding and provided us the best solution within our budget.
Given the chance again, we will still engage Andre Tan as our ID. A picture is worth a thousand words….