Client’s Testimonial

Client’s Testimonial

Client’s Testimonial

It’s easy to claim something, but the people who have had firsthand experience, speaks the truth. Here’s what our beloved clients have to say about us.

My wife and I were looking for IDs/contractors to renovate our new HDB unit, and eventually decided to go with Lucas from FIfth Ave. After the first 2 meetups, we were very convinced of his strong design/aesthetics knowledge and experience, and felt that we could work well with him. It took us a while to finalise our design, especially for the living hall, but eventually the end product was exactly what we want and very unique in combining couple of design themes. This was possible because Lucas not only provided some intriguing ideas, but also actively sought our feedback and gave valuable advice while my wife and I came up with our own ideas.

We are generally satisfied with the workmanship, especially tiling works and electrical works. Throughout the renovation process, we realise how tricky and tedious it can be, with many potential oversights. Thankfully, we were able to avoid them with Lucas’ experience and attention to details. I’m also pleased that in the end we did not exceed our budget as Lucas is the kind of ID that will help to watch the bottomline and helped us to source for value-for-money options.

I would recommend Lucas if you are the kind of person who wants quality design, value-for-money, and great working experience.

Extremely happy and delighted we engaged fifth avenue to handle our renovation work. Royston was the ID we worked with and from our first meeting we knew it was a match! The initial meeting had us very impressed because he proposed some pretty cool ideas for our home and especially our master bedroom. We wanted something unique and yet functional which Royston understood very well and helped us achieve.

The renovation process was relatively smooth and there minimal hicupps. Royston was very accommodating and understanding and always provided the best solutions which impressed us.

We engaged Fifth avenue and Royston for our first home and will definitely be back for our next home!

Thank you for helping us bring our dream home to life, Royston!

I personally want to share my honest opinion with 2 dedicated people Derrick and Shannon they both work amazingly to cater to our needs and wants .Both make extra effort to show me and visualise what would my actual design be like other than the 3D design. This is not my first renovation for my home but this time I really feel different with the ideas and energy level that the guys put in .Amazing Teams smooth journey through out the renovation .🖒🖒🖒

My husband and I purchased our 5 room resale flat which needed major renovation. We renovated the ENTIRE unit. Our interior designer from Fifth Avenue is Lucas Wu, and we would like to say, fate had certainly brought us together because we received nothing but the BEST service from him. Since the very first appointment, Lucas and us instantly clicked. Not only did he wowed us with the 3D rendering, “Your dream, We Actualize”, but he most definitely lived up to that motto by making our 3D rendering into a reality. Our once old and bland looking flat had been transformed to a beautiful condo style apartment. Thank you Fifth Avenue and most importantly, thank you Lucas!

Our ID was Mark Lee. He’s not one of the more senior designers, but his professionalism makes him seem like one. Having Mark as our ID was assuring. There were moments when we encountered challenges involving third party Contractors which got us frustrated, but Mark calmly helped us to address these issues. One such instance was when our door supplier couldn’t fix the knobs we got online for us, so Mark took it upon himself to ask not one but TWO other vendors to see if they could help us fix the knobs. So that is how Mark is. You’re in safe hands if you have him as your ID. He is always ever so ready to respond to our queries, even during weekends and at night! That’s how reliable he is and this is definitely most assuring to tenants waiting eagerly to move in. In fact, he is still ever so ready to assist us after we have moved in and assured us he’s always a text away. Seriously fantastic service:) We would like to sincerely thank Mark for going through this journey with us, and would recommend Mark to our friends and families. Thanks Mark! You’re the best!

This was the ideal interior designing experience. Jeremy has an exquisite eye for contrasting rich colours and detail, pairing them together in subtly aesthetic yet deceptively complex way. Not only that, he kept us well-informed through open channels of communication and conducted himself with the utmost spirit of geniality. The entire process was outlined with punctilious attention that afforded us an easy peace of mind. It is apparent that he is a man who will stop at no end to provide you with implacably superlative service. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

“Your dream, We actualize”. Well, it was true to their words. Andre took our project and from the onset by communicating with him, we knew he had our interest at heart. Andre is a magnificent designer. He was detailed in his design and always accommodative to our ideas. With his experience, he was also able to advise us on the do’s and dont’s in designing our house. Andre actualised our dream design, true to scale.

He was able to provide update on time, from the first time we spoke to engage Fifth Avenue, till the end of his services. Their after sales service and follow up was well communicated and coordinated.

We truly appreciate Andre’s commitment in our house reno, although we knew he has other projects as well. They are transparent and honest in their calculations as well.

We recommend others to take up their services! A great person in Andre, and a great interior design company! Thanks Andre!!

Wishing you, Fifth Avenue, best of luck and success always in this industry!


We have been on the lookout for an ID since we got notice of our key collection. Since then, we met a couple of IDs that were recommended by friends or through qanvast but nevertheless, Fifth Avenue interior was one that standout among the rest. Ryan greeted us on our arrival at the showroom and I felt the chemistry between us was strong. He was very straightforward with us and doesn’t beat around the bushes. He is very honest and we felt very comfortable sharing our ideas. We never felt any pressure or sales talk from him at all when we are going through comparison of the quotation with other firm. He is always giving very constructive and creative feedback on how to achieve practicality and design at the same time. He could clearly understand our requirement and has a good foresight on how our dream home will look like. What we love the most is whenever our budget is exploding, he will always work his magic to make it happen.

Along the renovation journey, when have new ideas and additional request, he is always very patient with us. He always goes to the extra mile to help us get the ideal design that we wanted. Irregardless how many trips he or his contractor has to make, he will ensure all the defects are rectified. What matter the most was the final design our house turn out exactly how we plan out to be. For this kind of service and commitment, I believe it worth every penny that we have paid for. For that, I would like to thanks Ryan and Fifth Avenue in creating our lovely crib.

Came to know our ID, Royston, who’s a friend of a friend. Prior to 5th Ave, we met up with quite a number of IDs to get a gist of the market rates and what they offered for kitchens. We decided to go with him because:

1) price – what’s quoted was reasonable (not the highes, though not the lowest either)
2) design – he had his own strong opinions on aesthetics (what we’re paying an ID for) takes pride in what he’s previously done for his clients. For me, this is important because when there are too many parties (and opinions) involved, the ID has to be able to find the right balance or get pushed over.

While it’s true that Royston is young and isn’t the most experienced of the bunch – our hiccups here and there throughout 6 weeks were largely resolved in a responsive manner. Now we’ve got a unique kitchen that we are all happy with.

So if you’d like to give a young ID a chance to conceptualise something that doesn’t look run-of-mill, you’d consider Royston. 🙂

I would like to say a big thank you to Fifth Avenue Interior for engaging Jack to us. Jack was humble,kind and a truly passionate person. He is very responsive to my calls or msgs, If you are looking for a reliable and professional designer, i would gladly recommend Jack to anyone! Jack never fail to disappoint me and my family, we are so grateful for everything Jack has done for us! Jack managed to rush everything just for me to move in safely, i am really impress with his workmanship. Overall I am really pleased with the design and everything .Pls continue to be at your best service to others and once again thanks Fifth Avenue for giving me such a wonderful and memorable experience!

We are extremely pleased and grateful beyond words to have Nicholas Gn from Fifth Avenue as our ID for our humble (and now very beautiful) home.

Nicholas is responsible, attentive, patient, polite and above all, capable and well versed in this field. Communication with Nicholas was a breeze because he understood our needs and wants almost immediately. Nicholas also attended to our queries and (sometimes weird) requests very professionally and provided us with detailed advises. We always feel at ease with Nicholas.

Despite our busy schedule, Nicholas is very flexible and accommodating. His responses were quick which further highlight his professionalism and attentiveness.

Although we were on a holiday for two weeks during the midst of the renovation, Nicholas was again extremely responsible and had all the scheduled work completed within the stipulated time frame. We did not even feel worried because we knew we could depend on Nicholas to get the work done, and get the work done he did. We are extremely impressed with his capabilities and enthusiasm.

Above all, the whole renovation process was fun and exciting! We will definitely look for Nicholas Gn in the future without a doubt. We highly recommend Nicholas to everyone! Great workmanship and professionalism at a reasonable price.

Nicholas, thank you once again for all that you have done for us. We will always be grateful. Last but not least, you have successfully Actualize Our Dreams, Into Reality.

Fadhirul and Farah (in the comfort of our dream home)

I’d like to thank Nicholas for turning our 4-room apartment into a beautiful home!

After getting our keys, we initially did some research on Qanvast. We went through more than ten IDs before deciding to engage Nicholas from Fifth Avenue as he was the most sincere (and un-pushy) ID we came across. He sat down with us for hours on end, and provided practical and cost-effective solutions that catered to our budget, yet never compromising on the vision we had for our house.

Nicholas also allowed us to take a look at his ongoing projects to help us instill confidence in his workmanship, and it was easy to communicate with him during the few months of renovation works. Whenever miscommunications with workers arose, he would help us resolve the problems as soon as possible, and he was very patient with our ever-changing ideas for the house! I’d like to commend him for being very accommodating to our endless requests. There were few instances when a request we made would slip his mind, but he would be quick to rectify any issues.

Nicholas also went the extra mile and was willing to follow us down to Hafele to check out various hinges and storage solutions, and was able to give us advice on the practicality of the different mechanics we were interested in. He was sincere in helping us bring our dream house to life.

Once again, thank you very much to Nicholas and Fifth Avenue for giving us a wonderful home. 🙂

A job well done and thumbs up to Fifth Ave Interior.

I was assigned Ryan. He is a witty and creative fellow that add joy to the cumbersome renovation process. His jovial character add fun to the each of the discussion session. Despite his youthful outlook, Ryan has years of experience in the field, hence has extended practical insight to renovation.

It has been an awesome experience working with Ryan to complete the renovation and I wish Fifth Ave Interior all the best! Thank you!

We are very grateful to have Jack as our ID. He would sit patiently with us for hours to work out our desired home plan and meeting our budget despite our irrational demands.
Jack is also very responsive too whenever we needed to find him for some renovation matters, he is always there and quick in response. Even after the renovation has completed, he would still response to our queries whenever we have doubts. For instant, I would like to highlight that even after renovation completed and he even went extra mile and arrange people to come over to do some touch up and painting work which he really didn’t have to.
If you are looking for a patient, reliable and professional ID, we would definitely recommend Jack!

Thank you Jack and Fifth Avenue Interior Design! A great job done! 🙂

Kenneth & Shermain

Take a look at their portfolio (on Qanvast / Facebook); it pretty much speaks for itself. Prior to deciding on Fifth Avenue, I actually visited several other Interior Design firms. I must say, Fifth Avenue’s pricing is pretty competitive. You definitely get what you pay for. For the level of service and quality, really good value for money in my view.

We engaged Jeremy to help us renovate our 5-room HDB resale flat and were thoroughly impressed by him. True, Jeremy is young. However, he is very talented and has really learnt the ropes of the business very very quickly.

Jeremy has very good design sense and was able to give us extremely good suggestions to meet our needs. His starting point is always: “what would your day to day life be like?”. Your home should then be built around that. We had very specific needs given our circumstances and Jeremy was able to give very good suggestions. He is very resourceful and very innovative; someone who is able to think out of the box. Being first time home owners, we had a lot of questions and Jeremy was able to give us very good explanations (concise, clear and thorough!) on why things needed to be a certain way. (for eg. buying some types of furniture vs others, how to optimize space etc.). It also helps that Jeremy is effectively bilingual which makes him a good communicator.

Technical skills aside, what sets Jeremy apart is his character. Jeremy takes great pride in his work. It seems to me like he treats each project like a work of art, which i appreciate. Of course this also means that he has strong views. That said, he was never pushy and always respectful to our requests as a couple. He also has his client’s interests at heart and would always advise us on possible cheaper solutions to meet our needs; if such options were available. Finally, he is very trust worthy and reliable. Replies very, very promptly and defects are fixed very quickly. Also has a very good memory and can remember the layout of my house even though its been almost a year since he renovated my place! He was also super patient with helping us with the various kinks (frankly some of my questions were rather dumb at times!).

Would highly, highly recommend Jeremy and Fifth Avenue and would definitely engage them again for our next home! 🙂

No words can express my appreciations for the help Jack had rendered us.

In January 2016 we engaged the service of Eight Design Studio Pte Ltd. The entire experience with the ID from Eight Design Studio Pte Ltd and the management was simply harrowing. Many things promised were not delivered. After spending more than S$55K, the house was finally handed over to us after a delay of 3 weeks from the promised date. The renovation and workmanship was so badly done that we had to engage another company to take over a few outstanding jobs and rectification work.

We got to know Jack through a property agent and we are simply grateful that we got to know him.
After understanding our situations, Jack displayed very professional ethics throughout the whole process. Not once did he give any negative comments or put the other ID down. Nor did he take advantage of our situations by giving exorbitant quotes. He was very focused in helping us solve the problems.
We were so stressed out after our encounter with the other ID but Jacked was very positive, helpful and thoughtful. He came up with many practical and cost saving suggestions to rectify the situations.

Jack is a very responsible, energetic and creative young man who takes time to understand the needs of his clients. We really appreciate his help throughout the stressful period. Thanks to Jack, we can finally settle down in our current home.

My only regret is not knowing Jack earlier and have him renovate our place right from the start.


There were three things that stood out for us when we got Jack as our designer: his passion, his accessibility, and his clarity in his vision.

PASSION. Jack is a perfectionist. He never settles until he gets the design and implementation correct. This has been his most consistent trait during the entire project. He was there to personally supervise the project – from the deconstruction up to the finishing stages. He was also willing to get his hands dirty in order to meet his deadline and his plan happen. Jack stayed with us until we moved in and finished unpacking, to ensure that everything is in order, and if there are touch-ups required after the move. I remember inviting Jack for our house warming, he came, and immediately went to the kitchen/toilet to check the plumbing and the assembly – just to make sure everything is perfect.

ACCESSIBILITY. Jack is available – whenever we needed him – be it during the project or even during the after-service. He is quick to reply to questions and suggestions. There was one evening that I asked him about the assembly of the tiles – I told him we can take a look at it tomorrow when the sun is up. To my surprise, Jack was at the site in 30 minutes to check on my question. This provided us with comfort that we have someone who we can trust to deliver our first home.

CLARITY. Jack makes it easier for us to understand his plan. From simple sketches, to describing it – he has his way of making sure that his clients understand his vision. Even before the 3-D render was provided, we already had a clear vision on how our house will look like.

These were some of the few traits on why we engaged Jack. We are happy with our choice in designer and will definitely refer to him our friends should they need a designer.

Thanks Jack and well done!

Jericho and RL

Personally, I wish to thank Derick from Fifth Avenue Interior Design for the renovation carried out at my new flat.

Beyond the very favorable monetary results, I was in a more stress free mode from the beginning till the end. Throughout the renovation period, I found Derick very accommodating, readily contactable(within 24 hours) and willing to listen to my concerns and, importantly, was flexible whenever I requested for additional changes, which were not originally planned and most of the work were finished in acceptable scheduled time.

I found him very knowledgeable with high expertise and professional in attitude in rendering of their service. In addition to this, as Derick take control of renovation projects and this allow me to reduce the hassle and time to involve in such projects unless necessarily which require my opinion and decision on matter such as big ticket purchases or major changes to the interior look of the flat.

After renovation issues were also attended pleasingly which was very important and Derick was easily reachable.

If I need renovation of another property in future, I certainly will award the project to Derick and his team again.

Once again, thank you Derick and Fifth Avenue Interior Design for the renovation completed and I wish you all the best in your future endeavour.

Best regards,
Marcus Lau

Well that has always been our or most of the time my run to shout out name when everything is related to home.
For a first-time home owner, personally.. it is having that vision of an interior to go home to and with that comes the financial factor.. trust and to calm the husband and wife when opinions of interior clash between wants and needs. Plus the fear after reading several renovation horror stories is truly not helping.
Derick is always there.
Attending to our calls..whatsapps..woes..defects..even to my fickle mindedness!
He is the one ID who did not ridicule my ideas when I have my quirky inputs for the interior.
Yes, midst of putting things together, tension grew and despite my being unreasonable, he never once forgo his professionalism.
Thank you Derick for keeping it all together and he will always say..
‘Sis, don’t worry..I settle for you. Leave it to me”
I assure you, he will.
Thank you to Eric too for always keeping it all together and helping us out with several installations and rectify on home matters as well. The TV..The Ikea items..
All in all. Thank you everyone.. to the contractors.. to each and everyone for making it happen.
Despite having to work through the weekends, missing family dinners or events.. rushing through dates, meeting deadlines.. or even neglecting family and friends just to ensure we have a beautiful home to come back to…
Thank you.

We engaged Ryan Seah for the renovation of our new house. Ryan listened to our ideas and input his own creativity into it. He’s always thinking of ways to ensure that we save on cost but at the same time not compromising on our design ideas.

Fuss-free and sincere in helping us out building our dream home. Even after 3 months of completion for our house, and one of our downlights was not functioning, he came down personally to fix it w/o any charges as he provides warranty coverage. That’s a big thumbs up for him!

A big thank you for helping us out through our reno journey. A very reliable and sincere ID that we are glad to have engaged!

Initially hesitated to get an ID for my new home as I have heard many unfavorable remarks in terms of pricing and bad after-sales service. As this is my 1st home and risk is definitely the last on my list to co-ordinate the reno works on my own, I turned to an ID. Since then, I have no regrets.

Derick is a honest guy who would tell you if the idea you have in mind is infeasible. Others would have just tell you everything is possible in order to get the extra penny. It is also his frankness and reliable personality that made me feel safe leaving my house in his good hands while I was away for holiday. After all work is done, he told me he is just a call away. And true to what he had said, he is really just a call away. He never fails to get back to me despite his busy schedule. It has been 1.5yr since I have moved in, and till now, he would still respond whenever I text him.

With a great personality, I’m sure he would excel in his new endeavour.