Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

Our Story

Your Dream, We Actualize.

Fifth Avenue Interior is an interior design firm based in Singapore. We offer start-to-finish interior design services for residential, commercial and office spaces. Our team consists of young but experienced professionals who are creative and driven. We believe in coming up with artistic solutions in the process of redefining spaces so that we can create beautiful and functional homes for our clients.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

To be actively engaged in learning about new and improved industry work methods

To produce quality and cost-effective projects that will meet the needs of our clients

To deliver projects within schedule and budget, without compromising our attention to details

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

To be the leading interior design agency in Singapore

To be recognized as a quality-driven interior design & consultancy agency that focuses on design and functionality

To be viewed as a valuable long-term investment that will complement our clients’ lifestyles

Why Choose Us?

We are young, dynamic, and creative professionals who are always on top of the trends. Constantly seeking fresh and new insights that we can use in developing interior design solutions, we believe that good design is thorough down to the last detail. This is because the biggest difference lies in the smallest element of design.

We love the constant challenge of solving complex ideas in an understated way. Everyone should be entitled to a beautiful, yet functional space so we enjoy helping our clients find that balance to create a home that reflects their lifestyle.

No matter what your budget is, we will work around it and create the dream home you deserve.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.
Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance and take pride in the quality of workmanship that we provide from start to finish of the renovation project.

We offer site supervision and provide warranty even after the completion of the project. Besides these, we also offer after-sales service where we do regular check-in with the home owners to see how they’re settling down in their newly renovated homes!

Our Process

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

1. Space Planning

Space Planning is a fundamental part of the interior design process, where will first start off with a site visit to survey the surrounding conditions. This is to measure up the space and envision the movements that will happen in those areas. Together, we will re-organize a lay-out to determine cost-efficient and space-saving solutions.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

2. Quotation

An in-depth analysis of the client’s brief and requirements will be done in a short period of time. We will then give you a FREE estimated quotation for you to review.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

3. Conceptualization of Design

This conceptualisation stage is where we brainstorm on creative design concepts and practical, cost-saving solutions, to be proposed in our lay-out plan. Planning of the color scheme, lightings, fabrics, furniture, and so on will also be discussed.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

4. Construction

After the design and concept has been finalized, we begin with the real work; this is where your vision turns into reality. We will work closely with the contractor and suppliers to ensure that everything has been installed properly and functions correctly, with no malfunctions or errors.

We will give you constant updates on the progress of the construction.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

5. Project Turnover

The moment of truth, the big reveal! After wrapping up with some additional touch-ups, cleaning, and moving in your furniture, we turn over the finished product to you.

Fifth Avenue Interior Pte. Ltd.

6. After-Sales Service

Even after the completion of a project, we remain contactable if any defects were to occue. We take full responsibility and will try to resolve these issues to the best of our abilities. Warranty is also included as a form of quality assurance.

We’ll do regular check-ins with you to make sure you’re settling down well in your new, dream home!